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patriot video game

December 28, 2014

So, it was brought up on that post on WSRA about kids not knowing skills, and how distracted they are with games and stuff. Games could be a fun way to get people interested, and show how these things can matter. A good shooter isn’t all shooting though, there are usually puzzles, and these too can be used to introduce them to practical physical skills. It also exposes, I’m not just a fabbersmith, I’m a wordsmith as well.

In five minutes I had thought up part of a decent plot. Gamer dude lives across the street from preppers, who get raided. Stray bullets make it across the street, and his mom who he’s living with dies. Trouble ensues, cops try to intimidate him into not testifying, and he ends up with a militia group.

Not sure about the exact trigger on the raid, but it’d be something that triggers more raids as well, starting a civil war scenario. The group that rescues him convinces him to help expose the atrocities that are happening, and maybe get a ceasefire that will allow secession to happen with little bloodshed. The maybe/maybe not on that is open, but it gets a story.

The game mechanics I think are the important part. You don’t get to carry ten guns and a million rounds of ammo, and may not end up with a gun at all. You also frequently end up with crappy guns, and may have to pick a gun that be used through several diverse scenarios—you might bypass a useful AR for a running battle for a pistol that will be easier to conceal later when escaping. The thought was also to do a very open world, where lots of choices happen. When running, you can just run, or find a cheap .22 in someone’s house, or find a dying veteran who tells you where to find a Garand and a bunch of black tip. You might find an AR, but have to put the FCG together real quick(and get it right or risk jamming) to get a gun, or just nab some ammo to trade for something later. Fun stuff.

There are three basic points—you can’t escape politics, they’re far too interested in you. Even the gamer in his mom’s basement can’t escape into fantasy. You have to have skills—someone who already knows how to put an AR lower together can get it done and have a gun, whereas if you just stumble around, you’re making due with less, or nothing. You might need to do some math and other stuff to solve some puzzles, and the more you know the better. Part of the goal is to introduce people to those skills and maybe get them to do some studying. For those that are already patriots, it can help show holes—the multiplayer mode would be designed for them, but during the game you might see the guy having trouble because the hand signs he uses in the Call of Duty generic clone he plays aren’t the same as the militia guys use. You have ammo shortages, and weapons troubles.

There are several “engines” for the non-gamers, that can be used for this sort of thing, it would just take some story and world development, which we could open source, and then just some coding and lots of modeling. Some voice acting as well. It’d be fun.

Thought it might be worth getting some input and gauge some interest, any thoughts?


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  1. Kurtz permalink

    This is an interesting approach. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the concept your proposed almost sounds like a ‘resistance’ simulator, if you could call it that.

    Right now, Open World Survival games are rather popular on the PC. Look at games like Rust and The Long Dark. Both are in Beta, but are survival oriented games that deal with a person using their bare wits, will and skill to survive in a truly amoral, hostile environment. The mechanics in said games may help give you an idea of where you’re looking to go with such an concept. Giving players the option for an unconventional approach to their problems would be a significant selling point as well.

  2. Rollory permalink

    “There are several “engines” for the non-gamers, that can be used for this sort of thing, it would just take some story and world development, which we could open source, and then just some coding and lots of modeling.”

    You have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

    With what I just quoted there, you have just hand-waved out of existence two to three years’ worth of work by a team of half a dozen professionals. Or two to three years’ worth of work by half a dozen teenagers who spend all their spare time on it instead of homework and girls. Same thing. If you’d ever tried working with any of this stuff you’d know that.

    Go write a choose-your-own-adventure in BASIC. That might actually stand a chance of getting completed, you could have it track some extra stats like gun types and load and hunger and so on, and you could actually come up with a simple prototype design by trying things and seeing how they work, instead of assuming it into existence – which, by the way, does not actually work.

    Also, you will come to the conclusion that this is way more trouble than it’s worth and go back to one-on-one person-to-person networking as being a more effective use of your time – of anybody’s time; video games get made for profit for the very good reason that it costs a lot of time and money and effort to make them. If they were as easy as you’re implying, everybody would be doing them.

    But for God’s sake don’t go around assuming that just because you know nothing whatsoever about a topic it must therefore be easy. Try your hand at it first – YOUR hand, not, “hey I’ve got a great idea now someone else can do all the work to implement it”. Do the work yourself. THEN run your mouth.

    • I know enough to get myself in trouble it seems. That is part of the point of the post though, to get people who know more about it to comment. It sounds like I should have phrased that much better. I grew up in a family of programmers, and have only dabbled myself, so only know vague details. I’ve learned in my field things tend to cost more and take longer than I previously thought as I gain experience, so what you say isn’t too surprising?

      I think you underestimate how much volunteer time would be available if a project coalesces. And networking is fine, but the point of something like this isn’t to get the people that you can find with networking, it’s to find the NEW people, who have never imagined this point of view before. People like the theoretical protagonist, who has been spending his life in the basement doing almost nothing but gaming. He doesn’t read WSRA, or watch the news, how are you going to get to him to bring him over to your side and get him in your network(maybe)? This is the goal, we’re never going to do it with in-person networking. Go ahead and try.

      This is the sort of input that I was looking for, thanks for the time.

      • Come up with the ideas for the game-just general stuff like you started to do-and I can find out exactly what it would take to get it made. I’ve got a friend who owns his own company,develops software for a living-big projects like the electronic medical records BS-went to school with him back in the late 70’s when we were both in an EE class together.
        The thing that has kept us in contact is he shoots competition,(A-R’s and M-1″s) I was always a beter shot and tried to coach him as best as I could,and we both were shooting muzzleloader competitions for years.
        He invented quite a few products along the way as well.
        So-if you get enough input,come up with a good draft of what the game should “look” like,how it should be played,etc. I know he will look at it.

  3. basic premise would be RealWorld: collapse of current debtPonzi leads to general economic onraveling & Regime attempt at Martial Law, involving, among much else, branding preppers as “hoarders” and attempting to expropriate same…this in in order to herd people into the FEMA Camps. Wherefrom to recruit a Red Guard…in fact, some of those participating in the Game could choose to go OpFor at various junctures

  4. Thor permalink

    Sounds kinda like Far Cry 4, but more realistic. The game even has character dialogue that mentions Clausewitz and “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom,” but this of course is set elsewhere, in the valleys between the Himalayas where a resistance group called “The Golden Path” is trying to fight off a self appointed dictator who funds his regime through thuggery and opium sales abroad.

  5. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Anyone who knows anything about how to help make such a game-please contribute…

  6. Brad Wolfe permalink

    “Unity” is a game development platform that can build apps for PC and android/Iphone using the same code. It is powerful indeed and a great place to start. The biggest problems facing any would-be-developer are A) Getting the art assets made (every tree, every person, every building, every gun, every thing everywhere needs both a 3d model created and a 2d “skin” created by someone half way decent at graphic arts. B) Sound and music Assets need to be created, piss-poor sound will detract from gameplay. C) You need someone really good at making network-efficient-code if you plan to have anything resembling a MMO – not to mention all MMO’s have a back end which manages the game world – basically a Server farm which is capable of calculating and communicating to other players all the things going on in the game world at the time. This alone is reason enough to avoid multiplayer alltogether and stick with a single player experience. D) Quality control – its easy to make a basic game, but what makes AAA title (or an indie title that is really good) different than other games are the little details that make the world feel alive. Things like a piece of crumpled up paper blowing across the street, birds landing in the tree behind that house, the sun going up and down, etc, etc…. All these things take code, so you will need people or a person who is really good at coding to handle all these things. With all that code comes unforseen bugs, things that affect other things in ways they shouldnt, etc… in code sometimes nothing makes sense. You will need to test and re-test your product long before its released for public consumption if you hope to have a good release.

    Theres actually much more that goes into it – I know a thing or two about this because I myself have been developing a few games on and off and the things above have always been my bottlenecks. Mainly my problem is that I can code well enough but I’m a piss-poor artist. That said, I like the idea overall, it has a lot of potential but echoing what another poster said above: in order to really flesh this out you will need a team of dedicated and talented people willing to spend a lot of time on this project. It can be done – the first step would be to get a basic version of this game made with the core mechanics in place and only temp art/sound assets, then place that project on something like Kickstarter to get attention. If people like the idea you can raise enough money to hire real artists, coders, etc to carry the work to completion while you manage the project creatively.

    • Multiplayer I was thinking would be more like in Battlefield, not massively online, but still enough that a group could get together and play-train. A WoW experience is a bit beyond what I think anyone could manage for something like this.

      Concept art and story will be easy, we have people like me, Bracken and Vanderboegh to help with that, real guns are easily modeled or even scanned, so are cars and stuff. Plenty of patriots that can draw I’m sure, but the coding and the modeling are the hard parts.

      • Brad Wolfe permalink

        For modeling you can use “blender” which is a free and powerful 3d modeling program that is compatible out of the box with the aforementioned “unity” (basic version also free). Just wanted to add that bit…I’m a sort of free-software-connoisseur.

    • I know top level game musicians who can compose and record the soundtrack. I can get a you a screaming deal, but expecting “donated” professional product, not so much.

      • Most of the volunteer work I’d expect on a project like this would be stories for inspiration and concept art. I know of a few people that make good music as a hobby, but I think talking to some of the developers and such up yonder might be good. I think a closer look at commercial viability is a good idea, as soon as I rewrite the story a bit.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

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  8. I’m a reader over at WRSA, and have been a gamer/modder for many years, and the only problem I see with a game like this is its scope. In the course of one day, someone fighting in a war of resistance may use any number of hundreds of skills, and for something like this to be successful, they would all have to be coded, tweaked, perfected, etc. There are many games out there that have differing aspects of the “resistance fighter” story, but none have them all, because it would be a MASSIVE undertaking to code everything that needs to be coded. Would I enjoy a “Homefront”-style game set in an open world environment where you could choose to be a fighter/saboteur/recruiter/spy…hell yes, I would. But I just don’t see it happening because of time/budget/talent constraints.

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