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market and machine

October 29, 2011

Foreign policy has an interesting article on black and alternative markets:
Onerous regulation, corruption, and simple bureaucratic ineptitude undermine the government. As this accelerates, the “white market” looses legitimacy as well.
This is a company offering a subscription type service for 3d printers. Not sure they serve North America, but their business model is of interest. This would be a reasonable way to get started with 3D printing, provided the payments are manageable. Hopefully they have a more professional quality machine than the RepRap and such, and the prices indicated are much lower than for Stratasys or other professional grade machines. I’ll e-mail them, see if they will put out a description of their system that can be linked/copied and give more details for those interested.

A big relevant thing here is price–while this is a lease of some sort, the prices are lower than purchasing a commercial grade printer, and the quality is likely better than the homemade systems.


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