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Political meandering

October 15, 2011

“Ultimately, such thinking will coalesce around vibrant new movements that disambiguate and disperse power. In other words, the birth, growth, death cycle will begin anew. I happen to believe these new movements will be focused on economic individualism, radical self-reliance, resiliency and a huge upsurge in innovation and entrepreneurialism. At least I hope they are.”

This quote from Resilient Families( ) sums up the political side(what there is of it) nicely. The main point behind a fabbersmith is to localize production where it can be customized to the community’s needs, minimizing waste and maximizing use, and where it can be watched and guarded by the community. The article is well worth reading.

“The Baron” at Gates of Vienna has another article of note, dealing with management of the state/corporate complex, and it’s issues:

As soon as I can hit a button for a two field box that lets me build the imbedded links easily, I’ll start doing that. I’d rather spend time writing/working than doing too much with HTML.

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