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October 7, 2011

I’d like to focus the blog on articles. It’ll probably at first be focusing on my work, until enough is going on to start doing others. Articles sent for publication should be in RTF format, or HTML for direct pasting with minimal editing.

Part of this will require a wiki. The “fabberwiki” or whatever it ends up being called will focus on processes and their tools/machines. Things like the Reprap have their own wiki which also has articles on various other systems, but they retain a certain focus. Unless a proper general purpose fabber wiki can be pointed out(I’ve not found one), one needs to be made.

For now, somewhere, XMIND files( will be standard for recording a process/machine. There will be a database somewhere(I’ve only had the blog for two days, after all) containing them. These will stay, since they will supplement the wiki by providing data that can be downloaded for access off-line. Freemind appeals too, but this needs to be debated.

The wiki will also need to integrate media, a flash object to display 3D models and video, the xmind files, and other resources.

File standards will have to wait, but the standard open ones like STL won’t be enough. A fabbersmith will use machines capable of using more than one material at once, and the file will have to store that data for the control software to use.


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